Board of Directors

Local Government Governance

Cortez Fire Protection District (CFPD) is a special local government district formed to provide fire and emergency medical services.  The Fire District is governed by an elected board consisting of five members.  The five members are a resident of the District or a property owner of taxable real or personal property situated in the District.  Board members are term limited.

The Board works closely with the Fire Chief and Management to establish policy, manage the district’s annual budget, establish long range plans and goals, and above all else represent the best interest of the community and citizens of the Fire District in Montezuma County.  These Directors are responsible for ensuring the financial stability of the Fire District while maintaining fiscal responsibility to the tax-payers.  In addition, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to aid the Fire Chief in meeting the goals of the organization as it pertains to Life Safety and Property Conservation.  The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to; approve the policies of the Fire District, approve the budget, approve expenditures, and give direction to the Fire Chief.

The Board of Directors are governed by the Special Districts Association of Colorado (SDA).  Special Districts, such as CFPD, are subject to the same requirements as other local governments regarding open records, open meetings, conflicts of interest, and other ethical requirements.  CFPD is subject to Colorado’s Local Government Budget Law and Local Government Audit Law for accounting and reporting. 

The SDA provides Colorado State Legislative information, research, communication, and training opportunities for Districts.  Local government special districts are subject to strict statutory guidelines established by the Special District Act, Article 1 of Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.  Special district regulations are also governed by and comply with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs rules and regulations.

CFPD Board Of Directors

President – Drew Buffington
Secretary/Treasurer – Leroy Roberts
Director – Brad Ray
Director – Les Rogers
Director – Darrell Dennison


Volunteer Pension Board of Trustees

Larry Sharp – Chairman
John Garcia