Junior Program

Junior Training

We are very proud to establish our Junior Program.  We have the opportunity to offer young adults in our area the ability to learn about emergency services through an internship program offered through a partnership with the Montezuma-Cortez High School.  Many of those that participated in the internship have gone on to volunteer to assist our agency, or other agencies, and some have gone on to careers in emergency services.  This program allows those too young or that want to go beyond the internship the chance to be part of a progressive emergency service organization and learn life skills to include pride and ownership, professional respect and dedication along with the importance of community service.


The Junior Membership Program demonstrates commitment to our community through:

Providing an opportunity for youth to serve the community
Respectful and courteous treatment of all people
Accountability for our actions
Open honest communications
Educating the community in health awareness and disease prevention
Providing a safe environment for youth activity within the community

CFPD has 10 Junior Members that participate in the program.  Juniors must be at least 16 years old but not older than 18 years old and must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better in their high school classes to be eligible for participation.  Parental or guardian approval must be given for participation and activities.

Junior night

Members must attend junior membership meetings and regular agency membership meetings.   

Training consists of EMS patient care, FIRE/EMS, rescue, hazardous materials, safety, wildland, and other training deemed appropriate for the fire department sanctioned by the Fire Chief.  Junior members will obey and follow all directions of the CFPD crew, fire department officials, and law enforcement officials on scene and participating at the station or community events.

Junior CPR

       Juniors will obtain their CPR/AED/First Aid Certification.

Juniors participate with the CFPD in parades and other community events representing the Cortez Fire Department.  Juniors can only participate in EXTERIOR firefighting activities and by assisting with carrying equipment and observing the activity on all emergency calls  directed by the on duty officer and the Fire Chief.