Volunteer Program

Vol Training

CFPD provides a reimbursement program for Volunteers that will serve as both a Recruitment and Retention program.  We currently have volunteers that we rely on.  Through volunteering, firefighter pension benefits are available once service times, trainings, and required participation activities are performed.  Certified Volunteers are members that have obtained and maintained certification for Firefighter 1, Hazardous Materials Operations, and Emergency Medical Responder designations.  Non-Certified Volunteers are members that have not received their certified designations but wish to assist and participate in FIRE/EMS calls.

Our volunteers receive stipend incentive pay, per incident response, training activities, and other reimbursements deemed by the Fire Chief.  Volunteer members must be a resident of the community, complete and pass a minimum qualification exam that includes a written and physical performance exam, be orally interviewed, and go through a background check.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, and possess a valid Colorado Driver’s License, pass the background check, and pass drug/alcohol screening.  Volunteers may work in Fire or EMS areas, provided certain certifications are met.

Ice Rescue Vol

Becoming a volunteer firefighter requires extensive training, hard work and dedication to the community.  Smaller communities, towns and cities rely on volunteer firefighters to respond quickly to emergencies, to perform firefighting duties and to provide assistance and support to career firefighters.  And although volunteer firefighters receive little to no monetary compensation for their efforts, the chance to aid and serve the community is an extremely rewarding experience.

Vol hose training

Volunteer Firefighters respond to a variety of emergency calls within the community.  Therefore, it is imperative that every volunteer receive the appropriate training designed to protect the lives of the people they encounter on emergency scenes, their fellow members and their own.  Volunteer members are vital to the success of the Cortez Fire Protection District.  Through dedicated response, volunteer members are integrated into the organization through fire and life safety education/prevention programs and emergency scene mitigation with professionally trained personnel.

The goal of the Volunteer Firefighter Program is to offer a reasonable safe work environment for the volunteer member through training and structured oversight.  Volunteering allows members of the community to provide quality cost effective emergency services to their fellow community members, to continue to move in a positive direction providing the best possible service to the community while supporting the Mission, Goals, and Objectives of CFPD.