Wildland Program

Wildland Training

The Cortez Fire Protection District has implemented a vital program to our District.  Wildfire dangers in Colorado have been increasing in the last few years.  CFPD now has a Wildland Lieutenant/Coordinator who oversees this program.  Many of our members from Juniors through Career Firefighters work seasonally when the U.S. Forest Service has a need for assistance and disasters.  Some of the work extends out to other States if the need arises.  The Federal Government reimburses our crews that respond to the wildfires for their work as requested.  This program is continually growing and developing yearly.  Wildfire response jobs include all frontline fire protection and mitigation needs, helicopter and flight management, and public information/data publicity positions as well. 


Certifications and specific training requirements are needed to participate in the program.  Training and classes are conducted for the requirements for participants by the Wildland Coordinator.  Anyone interested in this program is encouraged to contact Matt Shethar at 970-565-3157 for further information.