Firefighter Programs

Hazmat Training

Our Cortez Fire Protection District (CFPD) strives to be a professional emergency service organization.  Our personnel are the core of the organization, trained to the highest standards on the highest quality equipment.  We work as a team to provide premier service and continue to expand our special operations to meet the future needs of our community.  We are committed to being leaders and setting the standard in every aspect of our profession through service, community education and involvement.  We work hard establishing and fostering partnerships with our community and surrounding agencies.

CFPD provides direct services in suppression of fires and Basic Life Support emergency medical assistance within our District.  We have qualified and certified Firefighters, EMTS, Paramedics, and Wildland Firefighters employed with CFPD.  Our crews continually receive training for all aspects of the State and Federal Fire Divisions needed for requirements to serve our community and visiting members.  Our crews work with local Medics from Southwest Memorial Hospital on all emergency calls to better serve our community.

To become a career member of CFPD’s team, candidates must complete a three phase entry process.  The process includes a written evaluation, a physical ability test and an oral interview process.  The Fire Chief or their designee will select current staff members to assist in conducting each phase of the testing process.  Minimum qualifications for any paid position will be determined by the Fire Chief prior to any testing sessions are held.  Candidates for a firefighting position must possess at a minimum Firefighter I Certification, HazMat Operations Certification, and the National EMT Certification.  Other certifications may include the Emergency Medical Responder designation, be certified in CPR/AED/First Aid, and obtain the Colorado State EMT Certification.



Hose Training

Career Full-Time Firefighters

We have three (3) Full-Time Shifts of four (4) firefighter crews that work two (2) 24-hour shift rotations;
48 hours (2 days) on duty and four (4) days off.  Our crews work with local Medics
from Southwest Memorial Hospital on all emergency calls to better serve our community. 
Full-time members are eligible for Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Retirement benefits.



House Fire Training

Part-Time/Reserve Firefighters

Part-Time members are important to our Full-Time crews.  Fire operations and responses became difficult as call increased and scheduling volunteers became more of a challenge.  Starting in 2009, part-time firefighters were implemented to ensure emergency response due to the increasing number of emergency calls.  Part-time members sign-up for shifts based on their availability on a monthly basis for either 12 or 24 hour shifts.  These members are limited to 120 hours maximum in a 28-day period. 

Generally, there is a part-time firefighter scheduled daily to make our crews a five (5) member team.  The implementation of the part-time members allows our crews the ability to better respond to calls, improve safety levels, and is more effective, as well as allowing for recruitment and evaluation of future career firefighters.